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October 29, 2010

Shiny, Pretty Things


Nicholas Kirkwood Booties

Vintage enamel necklace from Charm and Chain

When it comes to the most effective "pick-me-up" for the wardrobe, it's all about accessories as far as I'm concerned. The beauty of accessories is, the price point related to the quality is more forgiving. If you spend $25 on a pair of shoes, they look like cheap shoes, but if you spend ten bucks on earrings, who's going to know?

It's also the perfect way to play with color if you are a bit bashful about stepping out in that regard. I put myself in that category since I am way more comfortable in black and neutrals. Lately, I've been feeling more adventurous and craving color.

Once site I have become obsessed with lately is Charm and Chain. There are many well priced jewelry choices, including one-of-a-kind items that are simply amazing.

So while a Cartier Love Bracelet sounds heavenly in theory, the price tag does not. Besides, getting a great vintage piece at a much lower price point than designer jewelry leaves more money for bags and shoes. Or a much healthier savings account.


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August 18, 2010 | Favorite Things
Now I know that describing a garment as "flocked" sounds about as cool as high rise acid washed jeans, but don't let that image of a tacky Christmas tree sway you. This dress by Viktor and Rolf is dope.

Rose Gold Envelope Clutch

Viktor & Rolf Flocked Long Sleeve Dress

I LOVE! This is my absolute favorite dress silhouette. It's sexy without trying too hard. Pair with killer heels and you've got quite the look for a night on the town!

Madewell Online
June 21, 2010 | Favorite Things

It's about time! Madewell recently launched an ecommerce site and now those of us who don't live near a store can can order up one of their pretty printed scarves or fabulous fit jeans. The prices are perfect to add accessories that will punch up your summer wardrobe. The basics are great too, but right now I'm obsessed with scarves and jewelry, which Madewell has tons of spot-on options. This tank top is also one of my favorites...

Madewell Tank
Madewell Metal Mesh Tank Top

It would look great on its own or underneath a basic long cardigan. So far it's been a cool summer in my neck of the woods, so I live in layers.  More clothes to experiment with, I say.   

Touch of Gray
June 10, 2010 | Favorite Things

I recently went shopping and realized I have a situation going on. I am hopelessly drawn to the color gray (or grey, which is used more outside of the U.S. – thank you Wikipedia). Black is a given, but since summer is just around the corner, I’m less likely to buy black now, however, I will definitely pick up anything gray. I have been trying to branch out – spring is about florals and vibrant colors after all – but I just can’t help myself. I guess I should just stay true to what speaks to me.

So here is a round up of my favorite gray/grey items!

3.1 Philip Lim Peplam
3.1 Phillip Lim Drop Stitch Sweater Dress Stella McCartney Peplum Top
JCrew T-Shirt Proenze Shuler
J. Crew Space Dyed T-shirt Proenza Schouler PS1 Bag

The PS 1 is Smoke is TDF! Can I just tell you that I’ve been talking up the PS1 to my husband for months now? I’m sure all he hears is Charlie Brown’s teacher from the Peanuts cartoons – “Wah, wah wah.”  What can I say? When I start obsessing, there’s no end… at least not for a while. So speaking of preoccupations, I’m just going to call myself Lady Jane Grey and not care that I am stuck in shades of gray.

Fields of Gold
May 26, 2010 | Favorite Things

This may sound a bit goofy but I love a good wheat motif. So I am loving these earrings.

Aurelie Bildermann
Aurelie Bidermann Wheat Earrings

It's a simple drop earring that definitely adds a little something extra to an outfit. It's a good way to get out of a jewelry rut too, like I'm in right now. When you have something this fun in your jewelry box, how can you leave home without them?

Pretty Twisted
April 28, 2010 | Favorite Things

This item goes in the category of “who cares if it’s totally impractical!”

Joseph Knit Dress
Joseph Knit Lambskin Tunic at La Garçonne

I would think it’s probably sturdier than it looks but who knows?  At over $1700 you’d hope so.  Just don't sit on concrete... but enough about the practical.  This dress is the perfect spring piece that blends luxury with laid back cool.  This makes me want to find strips of leather and experiment with knitting something other than yarn.  Instead of calling this the impractical dress, I’ll call it the inspiration dress.  *Sigh*

Earth Angel
April 16, 2010
| Favorite Things

With Earth Day around the corner, I thought I’d share this sweet summery little number.

Loomstate Nicolette Braided Dress

It’s made with 100% organic cotton and looks like the easiest thing ever to throw on.  Loomstate has lots of wonderfully casual yet sexy designs that are just right for the perfect lazy weekend. 

Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.  The more you buy organic, the more demand there will be for organically grown cotton.  Then we’ll have even more choices when it comes to earth friendly fashion.  Showing a little love for the environment will never go out of style.

Close to the Vest
April 8, 2010 | Favorite Things

I know this picture clearly shows a vest…

Marant Vest
Isabel Marant Fuso Gilet

But I looked up the word gilet on Wikipedia anyway and read this description: a sleeveless jacket resembling a waistcoat or blouse. Currently, a gilet is a sleeveless jacket or vest.

Well, that settles that.  Now back to this Isabel Marant vest.  Love!  The flutter sleeves are feminine but not overdone.  I love the subtle linen stripes with the shock of pink going through it.  I don’t normally wear vests but I’d wear this one.  All the time.  Now the question is how do I get on net-a-porter fast enough to get my hands on their Isabel Marant stock before it sells out.  That merch moves fast!    

Caught in a Web
March 9, 2010 | Favorite Things

My two-year-old is obsessed with spider webs.  He’s a little creeped out by spiders, but is absolutely fascinated with their webs.  He loves getting close to a spider sitting on its web and waiting patiently for it to move.  And if he sees an old cobweb in a high corner of our house, he tells me “We haf to get rid ah that.”  (Then I rush to grab a duster since my child is telling me my housekeeping skills are less than stellar.)  So I wonder what he’d think of this airy little number?

Marciala Margiala Cardigan
Maison Martin Margiela Cobweb Shrug

I have to admit, I want to study this more than I want to actually wear it.  I love knitting but for some reason, crocheting has eluded me.  Besides, most crocheted things have never looked as cool as this.  I think my son would definitely be interested if I showed him this cobweb shirt.  Then he’d destroy it in a matter of minutes trying to drape it on a piece of furniture while hanging his favorite miniature trucks on it.  This is definitely for the woman without child. 


Jacket Required
January 18 | Favorite Things

The boyfriend blazer has had its moment, but I’m ready to move on.  Slouchy can be great for that undone look, but I for one am into something a bit more flattering and feminine.

Vanessa Bruno Jacket

Vanessa Bruno Cropped Jacquard Jacket

I wish I was wearing this right now.  I could pair it with my high waisted denim shorts and a pair of flat sandals.  Or those Chanel clogs I’ve been obsessed with.  This outfit would require better weather and tan legs (not to mention a socialite’s budget) but a girl can dream right?

Sunny Day
December 21 | Favorite Things

I haven’t actually seen the sun in a while since it’s been raining on and off for the past three days.   So it’s a bit incongruous to have sunglasses on the mind.  But like socks or a good chocolate, you can never have too many.

CD Sunglasses
Vintage Christian Dior sunglasses from Retro Sun

Santa can feel free to leave these in my stocking.  I like the 80’s feel of the alternating turquoise and clear square frames… and trust me when I say reviving the 80’s is not my fave.  Somehow this works.  And anytime I feel sunny on the inside even when it’s not sunny on the outside, it’s a very, very good thing.

Fast Fashion Remake
December 10, 2009 | Favorite Things

This is the perfect example of how something small can really make an outfit.

Surface2Air Wedge
Rachel Comey Skinny Cheetah Belt

For someone like me, who practically lives in black or gray – I know, I’m working on it – this would punch up an outfit without too much effort.  Now Rachel Comey shoes in this print would be seriously fabulous... mmm hmm!

Good Hat Day
December 4 | Favorite Things

If you know a fashionable gal that has the independent spirit and flair for fashion just like Little Edie Beale, then here’s the Christmas gift for her.

Surface2Air Wedge
Opening Ceremony Wool Turban

Beanies are so 2008. Or is that 2007?  I’m not really serious... but this hat does makes me smile.

Flight of Fancy
November 16, 2009 | Favorite Things

It is never too early to think about the holidays.  And while most of us want to shop smart (as we definitely should) there’s nothing like getting a little indulgence as a gift – something you might not buy for yourself, but you’d be really stoked about receiving.    Here’s a lovely something that fits that description.

Kiki James Travel
Kiki James London Croc Embossed Slim Travel Wallet

I recently went on an overseas trip and wished I had a better solution than carrying my wallet and a separate passport case in my bag.  This Kiki James travel wallet makes it easy since it allows you to put your passport, money and any other document you might need in one place.  It’s also got a slim profile and comes in eye-catching colors (in either croc embossed or regular leather) which make it a cinch to find in an overstuffed bag.  I’m partial to the fuchsia, which is actually a pretty pink that would stand out perfectly inside my cavernous travel handbag.  Feeling extra generous?  You can have the travel wallet personalized.  It costs about $82 and at that price you can even indulge in one yourself.  Now that’s worth celebrating.

Sell Out
November 4, 2009 | Favorite Things

With the holidays closing in, the last thing I need to do is get excited about shopping for myself.  But the Half-Yearly Sale at Nordstrom will get me every time.

3.1 Dress
Alexander Wang Knit Vest

I’d get a ton of mileage out of this Alexander Wang vest.  It’s knitted, so that alone puts it on my list of favorites.  The loops give interesting texture to a black basic, but it’s not so funky that everyone would sneak looks at you while you wait at your dentist’s office.  Yes, I do like to look fabulous even when I go to the dentist.

Out of This World
November 2, 2009 | Favorite Things

When I first saw this dress, I thought it looked like an abstract print of the planets.

3.1 Dress
3.1 Phillip Lim Gathered Waist Dress

Upon further review, it looks more like paint splatters and circles.  But it’s still pretty damn cool.  The gold studs at the shoulder and side seams are brilliant and the shape makes this a dress you can wear for ages.  Is it too soon to make a Christmas wish list?

Tie One On
September 24, 2009 | Favorites

This is pure luxury, plain and simple.

APC Flap Bag
Inhabit Cashmere Linen Woven Scarf

Sure, you can find scarves for a lot less, but Inhabit makes such scrumptious knits I can’t help but find myself longing for this.  You can’t feel too guilty about something that you’d wear all the time for years to come, right?  I am so very good at justifying all sorts of indulgences.

Tag This Bag
September 21, 2009

Love.  That’s about all I have to say about this bag.

APC Flap Bag
APC Madras Leather Flap Bag

What have we here?  Great neutral color, classic style, adorable button toggle clasp, goat leather that is probably buttery soft.  It’s a must have for my upcoming trip to Europe.  I can go hands free with it slung cross body.  Love!

Cream of the Crop
September 9, 2009 | Favorite Things

If the idea of cropped pleated pants leaves you shuddering at the thought, hear me out.  There are some sassy styles for fall that do not look at all like rejects from your mother's closet circa 1987.  In fact, these trousers are feminine and figure flattering if worn the right way.  And the styling possibilities are endless.

Steven Alan Dora Pants
Steven Alan Dora Pants
Boy Pleated Pants
Boy by Band of Outsiders Double Pleat Pants
Steven Alan Dora Pants
Leifsdottir Marseillaise Trousers

I especially love everything in the Boy by Band of Outsiders fall collection.  There are things that you could wear for many seasons without it going out of style, from menswear style jackets to slouchy striped sweaters.  Love!  I’m definitely going to use that collection as inspiration when I look for more - ahem - cost effective pieces for my own fall wardrobe.

Beauty of Balenciaga
August 21 | Favorite Things

It seems if you are a Balenciaga bag girl, you are in for a lifetime obsession.  Trust me, I know of what I speak.  And even though I’ve dismissed this particular bag in the past, I’ve recently taken a closer look.

Ballmain Buckle Boots
Balenciaga Giant Pompon in Anthracite

I’m really digging the Pompon right now.  The City will always be the classic Balenciaga bag, in my opinion, but since I’ve been on this perpetual search for the perfect cross body bag I’m now on board.  I’d probably like the more understated aged brass hardwear better, but I wouldn’t say no to the Pompon if it landed in my lap! 

Of course there are other bags out there that would fit my requirements for function as well as aesthetics, but there’s no denying the beauty of a Balenciaga.  Plus these bags are so damn cool.

Knit Pick
August 5, 2009 | Favorite Things

After having 100-plus weather here in Portland, I should not be in the head space (so to speak) for knit hats.  But I can’t help it… this is pretty freakin’ adorable.

Eugenia Kim Beret
EEK! By Eugenia Kim Belt Beret at Urban Outfitters

As a knitter I saw this and thought, “Damn, why didn’t I think of that?”  Oh well.   At 38 bucks, it’s well worth the price just to buy it.  It’s made of acrylic, which is not my favorite – nor is it high on the list for luxurious fibers – but the price and the design make up for it.  Besides, knitting takes time and time is what I don’t have a lot of.  I’ve been knitting a summer sweater for three weeks now and believe me when I say I want it to be over!

The hat also comes in cream and a light blue, but the grey is by far my favorite – and in my opinion the best – color.  It almost makes me long for fall weather.  But now that the temperatures have returned to normal in Portland, I can probably wait out this infatuation until the days get shorter and the rain starts.

Bag Crush
July 28, 2009 | Favorite Things

I love this bag!

Lexi Satchel
J Crew Lexi Satchel

I love that it has a messenger bag look, but still feels like a handbag because of short top handle.  I also love the shade of grey and the gold hardware.  It’s a nice alternative to black.  I just wish I could get my hands on it so I can feel what the leather is like.  I’ve never really liked a bag from J Crew but I really have a crush on this one.    

Falling for Fall

July 12 | Favorite Things

Is it lame that I am already looking forward to fall?  Not that I want the summer to end but we’ve had cool weather today – rainy with a high of 63 - and it reminds me of how much I love getting cozy.  I guess it’s how I feel most at home, wrapped in a slouchy sweater trying my hardest not to let the moist hair frizz out my hair or dampen my spirits.

So on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I did what I shouldn’t; browsed net-a-porter for fall fashion inspiration.  So indulge me in a little fantasy here, won’t you?

Vince Leather Jacket Vera Wang
MJ Satchel RM Silk Top
Elements of my perfect fall outfit… price not being an object of course

The RM Roland Mouret silk top is the perfect basic that’s wearable with so many things, yet interesting enough not to get boring.  I'd wear it with Alexander Wang wool blend pants which are perfectly streamlined to put together with all sorts of loose fitting tops.  My favorite piece is the Vince leather jacket with the pretty draped collar.  It speaks to the girly girl in me that still likes a bit of rocker chic.  The Marc by Marc Jacobs satchel bag is what I’m lusting for right this very moment.  What can I say?  It's something you can use every day.  I’d finish this outfit off with a pair of kick ass ankle boots like the black Vera Wang Lavender Label version that definitely has my attention.  I also like the idea of adding a big, showy cocktail ring.  With a neutral colored outfit like this it would add some sparkle and glow perfect for a crisp fall day.

Carry On
July 9 | Favorite Things

Animal prints have never really been my thing.  I know it's supposed to be a classic, but I have one camel colored Blumarine sweater with a leopard collar, which is a little weird in itself since that particular label is not my thing as well... but I digress.  So yeah, I'm not a fan of animal print really however, I’m digging this one a lot.

Diane von Furstenberg Frog Print Box Bag

The frog print is a funky contrast to the rich brown leather without being too much.  This would definitely make a fabulous carry-on bag, perfect for stashing my in flight essentials and my toddler’s too – drawing pads, books and matchbox cars take up serious room.  My husband and I are always making deals about who gets to carry what, but I may not mind so much with this bag. 
**Special Note – Congrats to Katherine of Sacramento, CA for winning the Elizabeth & James t-shirt giveaway.  By the way, the site has a new selection of vintage dresses worth checking out.  And you can keep up with on Twitter and on Facebook Fan page.**

Once Again Cardigan
June 24 | Favorite Things

The humble but now ubiquitous cardigan is the subject of the latest “On the Street” with Bill Cunningham on the New York Times website.  I love his street style reports, from his smart commentary to his perfectly articulated accent that brings to mind movies starring Katharine Hepburn.
I definitely cannot survive without few good cardigans.  My devotion to cardigans started when I was a freshman in high school when I’d borrow my dad’s wine colored cardigan to wear to school.  The cardigan itself was a bit Mr. Rogers, but I’d make it my own by wearing it with black tights or leggings under black wool shorts or a plaid Catholic school skirt I shredded.  Yes, I was definitely a child of 80’s.

Now I keep an array of cardigans, my current favorite look being the long, lightweight variety.  It’s the perfect thing to throw on for an extra layer.  As Bill Cunningham points out, cardigans come at every price point to make it a wardrobe staple anyone can afford.  Sure they aren’t the most exciting thing you can buy, but I always feel like I’m getting something that lasts a few seasons when I buy a cardigan.  You can also have fun with it, unlike buying black pants or a white button-up shirt.  Sure, there are different silhouettes to pants or details to a white shirt, but it doesn’t exactly make you feel excited about wearing it out.

So you don’t have to be Coco Chanel to put your own distinct spin on the cardigan.  And you can certainly enjoy the highs and lows of each price range.

Margiela Margiela
Maison Martin Margiela cardigan from J Crew ring spun cotton cardigan

Deep into Purple
June 1 | Favorite Things

I don’t visit the Piperlime website often.  I don’t know why, but maybe it’s because many of the brands didn’t interest me all that much.  But then I realized it has a great selection of on-trend shoes at sensible prices.  It’s perfect for trying the season’s latest looks without spending too much.  I should also check out the site more often because I didn’t realize they carry a nice selection of Marc by Marc Jacobs bags.  This one is definitely a winner. 

J Crew Pietra
Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q Shorty  

I like the roomy dimensions but fairly flat profile to wear cross body – the shoulder starp is removable.  The gorgeous purple color is perfection.  I have a Marc by Marc Jacobs Softy bag from two years ago that has squishiest – and yes, softest - leather.  If this bag feels anything like that then I’m completely sold.  Now if only it would go on sale!

Spring into Sales
May  20 | Favorite Things

If you’re into a good sale – and who isn’t - now is the time to get moving.  Some of the best sales are happening right now, from Barneys Private Sale to Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly Sale.  I scored a cute DVF top I’ve been eyeing all spring over at net-a-porter and I was bummed to have to pass up some other items because I need to shop wisely.  So it helps to buy things with staying power.  Like this easy, breezy skirt…

J Crew Pietra
Inhabit Wrap Skirt

This would go with any number of tanks or tees and a great flat sandal. Or even a chunky heel.  Or wedges!  Inhabit is also having a spring sample sale right now, and it’s definitely worth checking out this incredibly cool collection.  I’ve noticed that they’ve added more product photos to the site so that’s a huge when you can’t check out the goods in person.

A Shoulder To Hang On
May 12 | Favorite Things

I have this tan leather shoulder bag that I’ve been wearing everywhere lately because it works cross body and that’s become very important while I’m out with my squirmy toddler.  It helps that I can have both hands free to grab him before he runs and to reach my keys in a hurry.  But my bag was well loved before I put it back in action (it was also my travel purse and it’s been everywhere from Morocco to Nicaragua) and now it’s getting downright dingy.  I don’t like to use a handbag until it’s hanging by a thread.  I prefer to rotate bags and keep them in good shape for as long as possible.  So it’s definitely time to add another shoulder bag into the mix.

J Crew Pietra
A.P.C. Linen and Leather Shoulder Bag

This bag is a true classic.  The linen and leather make it perfect for warm weather.  The adjustable strap is very handy too.  It also looks plenty big to fit everything from my bulky sunglasses case and little makeup bag to random toys and snacks to keep the kid fed and entertained on an outing.

Fantasy Floral
May 4 | Favorite Things

I am in love with this Thakoon dress.

J Crew Pietra
Thakoon Acid Floral Cami Dress at Kirna Zabete

The color, the print, the design… L-O-V-E!  There’s a shirt dress version on eLuxury that’s on sale but even that one is cost prohibitive at over $800. I guess I’ll just admire online and look around for something inspired by it.  Feel free to pass along any suggestions my way!

Feeling Blue
April 27 | Favorite Things

If there’s one thing that get’s the fashion addict in me a little weak in the knees, it’s a fabulous handbag.  One of my all time favorites is the Balenciaga City but here’s another bag that has my full attention.

Balenciaga Arena
Balenciaga Arena Classic Square Handbag

This is sure to be a collector’s favorite.  The color, Maldives, is absolutely gorgeous and the new tote shape is a welcome addition to the rest of the Balenciaga bag line.  When I was in New York a couple of months ago, I did the rounds at Barneys and the Balenciaga section was so damn tempting.  Everything was displayed out in the open so you can touch the leather and check out the weight of each bag.  Tactile handbag heaven!

Room to Romp
April 20 | Favorite Things

When I first saw that rompers were going to stick around for spring, I thought there’s no way would I ever wear one of those things.  I’d wear that chic Dries Van Noten jumpsuit but I draw the line at rompers!  Okay, I admit now I’m shifting course a bit.  I’d wear this.

Steven Allen Romper
Steven Alan Amy Romper

Not only would this work for a morning at the park with my toddler, it would work for lots of other favorite activities: coffee and a good book at my favorite café (happens so rarely these days), a leisurely day of shopping (also a rare occurence lately), casual date with the husband.  I’m going to ignore for a moment that you have to peel this thing off from the top to use the bathroom and focus on the cute cut of the sleeves and the beautiful blue linen fabric.  Because of the glorious sunny weather I can’t help but to look on the bright side.

It’s Out!
April 18 | Favorite Things

Bargain-loving style hunters rejoice!, the hotly anticipated offshoot of net-a-porter, is finally here.  If you aren’t like Elle Woods and don’t mind wearing last season’s Prada shoes… or Derek Lam dress or Marc Jacobs top… then is the place for you.  Discounts are pretty deep, some items going for 80% off.  But sizes are limited and I would guess quantity is limited too.  But regardless, it’s fun to look through the merchandise.  Here are my faves:

Hazelle Dress
Anna Sui Strapless Dress
Hazelle Dress
Chloe Platform Sandals
Hazelle Dress
Matthew Williamson Tote

What’s interesting is these products are obviously things left over from seasonal sales.  I wonder how this site will affect how the site does sales in the future.  I also wonder how I’m going to keep myself from checking out this all the time.  It’s already bookmarked... this is where self-control needs to kick in.

Seeing Green
April 15 | Favorite Things

Happy tax day.  Can April 15 ever be a happy day?  I suppose it can be if you know you are getting a fat return.  Does that even happen anymore?

Well, if the mere mention of green makes you hot under the collar today, here’s something that could change your attitude. 

Minkoff Pouch
Tibi Mini Green Dress

Chickdowntown is giving away this cute little number.  This is green you can hold on to!  If you’re feeling lucky, click here and enter.  Who couldn’t use a fresh new dress for spring?  I could use a few.

You Glo Girl
April 3 | Favorite Things

I’m feeling a bit of guilt.  It seems like I’ve been featuring lots of expensive goodies on the site lately.  I suppose that’s the vice part of Fashion Vice and it’s definitely part of the fun and fantasy of being into fashion (what’s up with all the f’s?), but it’s time to mention something not so wallet busting.

Minkoff Pouch
Rebecca Minkoff Neon Pouch

This bright little makeup bag would be impossible to miss in the bottom of your bag, no matter how deep and cavernous.  And at $58, it’s not a bad way to spring into spring.  I have a cheap makeup bag and the crappy zipper that doesn’t close all the way is really a drag.   Half the contents of the bag end up at the bottom of my purse.  I definitely need to trade up. 

I have a Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag and it’s very nicely made, so I’m sure even the smallest accessories have all the attention to detail as the handbags.  Oh, and the spring Rebecca Minkoff collection has some nice new additions including a rockstar studded handbag that I’ve got my eyes on.

Making a Bee Line for the Punch Line
March 30 | Favorite Things

Love. These. Bags.  The Punch Line handbags by See by Chloé have all the qualities I adore about this line.  The pretty print lining showing through the perforated leather is genius.  And the cheerful patent leather is the injection of color a spring wardrobe needs. It’s youthful but not adolescent.  Whimsical without being gimmicky.  They are fresh and totally fun. 

McClintock Dress
See by Chloé Punch Line perforated handbags

The large Punch Line tote would be cheerful in yellow.  The orange patent leather bag is a nice size and just as much of a feel-good hue.  But then again the crossbody bag is a good way to keep the things you carry around to a minimum.  Must stop going gaga over these bags.  It’s turning int a bit obsessive.  But then again, it wouldn’t be the first time.  Have I mentioned I love these bags?


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