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January 01, 2010

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Light Takes Flight
February 18 | Mirror, Mirror

Two-and-a-half weeks and counting until my beach get-away!  The weather has taken a turn for the better here in Portland so I’m especially giddy about feeling the warm sand under my feet.  What’s daunting is streamlining the list of things to bring – I’m not the best at packing light – but it’s important not to bring too much, especially when a very small plane is involved.  Besides, I have to pack for my baby too.

One place to cut down is my toiletries.  I’ve collected sample sizes of my favorite hair and body products, and I’m going to keep the make-up to the bare minimum.  This little collection will make it a breeze.

Stila Glamour
Stila Glamour set has everything I need for a simple yet polished look.  

Stila’s Illuminating tinted moisturizer absolutely rocks.  It goes on so light but gives enough coverage to give you a dewy glow.  I don’t go a day without it.  It also comes in SPF 15 which makes it even more invaluable.

I’m also a big fan of Stila eye shadows.  This kit comes with two flattering, shimmery colors, including Kitten, a great neutral pinky nude.  Round it out with a sheer, deliciously scented gloss (lipstick is totally out for a beach vacation) and a black mascara that lengthens and curls and I’ve got a little kit meets my needs.  Now if only editing my vacation wardrobe could be this easy.

Gorgeous Gloss
January 20 | Mirror, Mirror

Lancome ColorFeverMy one makeup addiction is lip gloss.  While lipstick is sophisticated, polished and grown-up, lip gloss is its fresh, fun-loving cousin.  I’m feeling the fresh, fun-loving side. Right now the makeup bag in my purse consists of a yummy smelling Alba lip balm, double sided tarte lip gloss, a MAC lip palette of six colors (lip gloss being the ones I use most) and hand lotion.  I don’t need to get into the myriad glosses stashed in my makeup drawer.  It’s definitely time to edit.

A more practical girl would do just, that but since this site is all about vices I have to admit my weakness got the best of me and another glossy beauty fell into my clutches.   Lancome’s Color Fever lip gloss is my new favorite.  First of all, I’ve always said I am the biggest sucker for packaging and this caught my eye immediately.  The colors are perfect for a sheer yet sexy look.  Plus, you won’t feel like clumps of hair will stick to your lips on a breezy day. 

The applicator took some getting used to, but now I like it.  According to Lancome it’s supposed to provide even coverage and allow precise application.  It took some practice but I think I have the hang of it.  With lip gloss, if I mess up it’s an easy fix.  I can’t ask for much more than that.         

The Big Bang
September 12 | Mirror, Mirror

A couple of months ago, I got my long hair cut to a shoulder skimming bob.  It was cute for about 3 weeks, but my hair grows so fast that the cuteness faded into boring shoulder length hair.  So I had my hairstylist give me long, side-swept bangs.  Now I’m trimming my own bangs every week with eyebrow scissors.  Let’s just say my hairdresser would not approve.  As I’m contemplating just growing them out, I’ve noticed the models sporting blunt, eye skimming bangs at Fashion Week. 

Irina Lazareanu
My favorite model with bangs Irina Lazareanu at Marc Jacobs.
Diane Von Furstenberg
Diane von Furstenberg
Proenza Schouler
Proenza Schouler

Designer Anna Sui has been rocking the heavy fringe for years and I think it works.  It really is her signature look.  But on me I’m afraid, it will make me look like an overgrown school girl.  Not at all the cool look I’d be going for.  Well, at least if I take the plunge my hair grows fast. 


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