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January 01, 2010

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Letting Go of Project Runway
October 18 | Favorite Things

Project Runway Finalists
Finalists Laura Bennett, Jeffrey Sebelia, Uli Herzner and Michael Knight at Olympus Fashion Week.

Tonight is the finale of Project Runway, one of my favorite guilty pleasures and I’m read to rock and roll!  It’s the first season I’ve watched so I have nothing to compare it to, but I think this season has had more drama than 50 Cent at the club.  Love that drama. 

Besides watching the show and discussing with friends or my hairdresser, I can’t resist reading blogs dedicated to slicing and dicing each episode into tasty bite-sized pieces of scandalous fun.  Hell, I may even like the blogs better than I actually like the show.  One of my favorite sites is the hilarious Project Rungay.  These guys are the cat’s meow.  Sure they dish it out, but never just for the sake of ripping on a designer.  Well maybe Vincent, but anyone who talks trash about Tim Gunn is dead to me.

So here’s my two cents in the cacophony (see Tim Gunn isn’t the only one who knows how to use this word) of Project Runway winner projections:  I love Michael Knight, even if his urban safari look was a flop.  Hey, at least he took a risk.  Laura’s collection looked impeccable, just like the boss lady herself.  She should get an exclusive contract with Barney’s for a line of cocktail dresses.  Uli’s collection was consistent with her aesthetic and not at all boring, despite what some may say.  I see some of her short dresses at Ron Herman.  And say what you will about Jeffrey, he may have the personality of a snapping turtle (minus the turtle poop, I hope) but he knows what he’s doing and he does it well.  I say it’s between Uli and Jeffrey to win it, but all the finalists should all capitalize on their reality show stint… if they’re smart.     

If you can’t get enough of the final Project Runway Olympus Fashion Week collections, you can see them here.  As for me, I’m done after tonight. I don’t need to rehash the highs and lows of the season or meet the designers at the local Macy’s.  But it was fun while it lasted.  Can’t wait for Season 4.

Bargain Hunter: Accessories
October 5 | Favorite Things

I’ve decided to include a new feature on Fashion Vice, where I’ll share stylish finds that won’t break the bank.  Today’s focus is on accessories.  You will be amazed at how vital accessories are in making your outfit pop or creating a totally different look with the same clothes.  Take note, I’m rounding up to the nearest dollar on prices.

Polka Dot Tights
Polka dot tights: $10 at Urban Outfitters

From my new go-to place for low-priced accessories, Urban Outfitters offers an array of tights for very nice prices.  The right legwear can transform a basic outfit. 

Satin Clutch
Satin clutch: $15 at Target

Target is by far the most fashionable mass retailer out there (I don’t care what Wal-Mart is trying to portray in those awful magazine ads).  I recently bought a black lace frame bag with a chain strap from Target and I can’t wait to use it on a big night out.  This satin bag looks just as lovely.  Just don’t reach for a crab cake and forget to wipe your fingers or else your white bag won’t stay that way.

Leopard Belt
Leopard print chain belt: $30 at J. Crew

I personally think animal prints never go out of style, especially when it comes to accessories.  This would look good with pants, jeans or this season’s popular sweater dress.  It’s taking a lot of discipline for me not to snag this one right now.

Amethyst Ring
Amethyst and gold plated brass ring: $55 at Anthropologie

This ring rocks!  (Sorry, couldn’t resist.  Lame, I know.)  I’m usually not into big rings but I like combining the purple with the rich gold setting.  I know 55 bucks is probably getting out of bargain territory but you want your stuff to be cheap not look cheap.

Feel free to share your own fabulous finds.  Happy hunting!

Mag Rag
August 17 | Favorite Things

While the media raconteurs over at Gawker make light of the heft of September magazine issues, I’m wondering if their experiment is the most amusement I’ll get from fall mags.  I got Lucky last week and InStyle a couple of days ago.  Lucky’s September issue was okay.  Nothing too forward thinking, but I guess that’s not why I get that magazine anyway.  I flipped through InStyle briefly but it didn’t thrill me.  I’ll probably get my September Vogue any day now, but I’m already dreading that pop candy cover photo.

Do you feel like you’ve seen it all anyway?  Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the turnaround time for fashion is so fast that it seems like we’ve chewed up and spit out the fall season before it’s really started.  Eh, whatevah. 

There are still plenty of other things that get me excited for fall.

Phi Runway
Phi Halter
Sexy Phi silk halter
Marni Bag
Marni framed leather handbag
Loeffler Randall
Love this vintage inspired pump by Loeffler Randall!
Carmen Ho
Gina pump by Carmen Ho

More Fabulous Fall Finds
August 9 | Favorite Things

We’re having typical Pacific Northwest weather here in Portland, with cloudy skies and cool temperatures until the late afternoon.  Trust me, I’m not trying to bore you with a weather report.  I’m trying to psych you up for fall, which is what this post is about.  Two must-have fall looks!

Stella McCartney Boots
Stella McCartney faux leather cutout boots

It’s funny to me that ankle boots are supposed to be a big look for fall.  To me a classic ankle boot never goes out of fashion.  The Stella McCartney cutout boots offer a nice twist to one of my perennial favorites.  Since these babies cost nearly $700, a less pricey option is definitely in order.

Steve Madden Boots
Steve Madden Infinitt boots in grey leather

These Steve Madden boots will set you back about a $140.  Not bad at all.

Bottega Veneta
Bottega Veneta Fall 2006 runway look

I’m feeling the plaid this year.  The model pulls this off, but I can’t say I’d do the same.  I was in high school when Pearl Jam hit it big so I don’t want to take a step back into the 90’s archives with this trend, but there are some feminine options out there that won’t have a girl looking like a lumberjack or a randy school girl.

Anthropologie Plaid
Anthropologie plaid jacket

This jacket could go “Brigadoon” but pair it with a long, black knit shirt and dark jeans and you won’t look like an extra from the musical. 

Fall Fantasy Wardrobe: Part 2
August 8 | Favorite Things

Oh, to be able to spend with abandon!  My last post was about putting together a fantasy wardrobe.  Now here are my picks for getting fall’s best looks without breaking the bank (or selling a kidney).

Gold cotton voile tunic from Anthropologie

This is cotton voile so it’s a totally different vibe as the metallic YSL tunic but hey, it’s still cute and much, much cheaper at $98.  This is perfect with skinny pants and a chunky knit sweater or cape.

Banana Republic Knit Dress
Banana Republic belted knit dress

Here’s a classic look from Banana Republic, the reliable retailer of all things office-appropriate.  This wool blend dress will set you back $128.  Not bad.  I don’t know why they are showing this with black tights and flat shoes.  I’d definitely funk this up with platform slingbacks or boots and fun jewelry.

Mizrahi Shoes
Leopard print suede flats by Isaac Mizrahi for Target

I know these are wildly different from the Christian Louboutin platform pumps, but since the focus is on animal print, I’m sticking to my pick.  I personally don’t think there’s a substitute for Louboutin’s so you might as well go for a different look or save your pennies and get the real deal.  Besides, I think the flats are fun and for 30 bucks, you won’t cry when it’s time for these to go.

Mint Dress
Mint silk babydoll dress

It’s hard to do embellished tastefully at lower prices but I think this dress by Mint fits the bill.  It’s girly without going over the top.  The $395 price tag isn’t cheap, but I’d wear this with skinny jeans or tights and boots for different looks.  If you aren’t familiar with Mint you should get to know this line.  There are some gorgeous designs on tap for fall.

Maxx New York Frame Bag
Maxx New York frame bag

Check this little bag out.  It’s from the Maxx New York Fall/Winter 2006 collection.  Frame bags are still going strong and I like that the bag comes in black patent.  The price is right at $175.

These five wardrobe updates would cost me $726!  That’s a far cry from the nearly $7,000 (not counting YSL tunic) from last week’s list.  Tomorrow I’ll look at a few more key looks for fall and later this week I’ll take a closer look at what’s fast becoming one of my favorite collections, 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Fall Fantasy Wardrobe: Part 1
August 4 | Favorite Things

Men have Fantasy Football.  I have my Fantasy Fall Wardrobe.  What are some key pieces to revamp the closet for fall?  These would be my guilty pleasures if money was not an object.

Yves Saint Laurent
Yves Saint Laurent metallic tunic

Structured tunic – This gold Yves Saint Laurent tunic is GORGEOUS.  I salivate when I see this picture.  I’m glad the flowy, flowery, embroidered tunics are taking a back seat to something more structured and chic this fall.  On a side note, I think Stefano Pilati is hot.  He looks like Hugh Jackman, no?

Yves Saint Laurent
Calvin Klein cashmere sweater dress

Sweater dress – I have said before how much I love, love, love knitwear.  Cashmere feels so incredible against the skin.  Just change up the shoes, bag and accessories and this dress will remain timeless.

Yves Saint Laurent
Christian Louboutin leopard calf hair platform pumps.

Animal print – I know, I know.  The ubiquitous Louboutin platform pumps.   It’s not a very original pick, but it’s my fantasy wardrobe so I’m including them anyway.

Yves Saint Laurent
Matthew Williamson beaded silk dress.

Embellished – Elegant embellishment is everywhere and it’s hard to ignore his amazing Matthew Williamson dress.  I love the keyhole bodice and the beading on the cuffs.    

Yves Saint Laurent
Dolce & Gabbana flap shoulder bag

Chain Bag – I have already posted my top bag pick but in the interest of mixing it up, here’s a beautiful little bag from Dolce & Gabbana.  Named “Miss Really Hot,” I think a girl could easily feel at least semi-hot with this bag hanging on your shoulder.  Plus, red is a really hot color for fall.

So what would these five divine pieces cost?  Not including the YSL tunic (because I can’t find a price on it yet) the total = $6,845.  Oh yeah, I can afford that… if I sold a kidney.  Good thing I have two.  Next week I’ll have a list of similar pieces that are much easier on a fashionable girl’s bank account and five more Fall Fantasy Wardrobe looks.



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