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January 01, 2010

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Tag, You’re It
August 16 | Searching for…

What makes an “It” bag It?

I was in Nordstrom over the weekend.  I wasn’t buying anything, (I swear, Hubby) just checking out the new Marc Jacobs Capra bag that’s caught my eye.  While I was looking it over and comparing it to the Stam, I noticed a bleached blonde trying on a metallic Silverado bag and asking her husband whether it looked good.  Between the bad dye job and the totally tired suburban mom velour pants, I momentarily lost interest in studying the Marc Jacobs bags so I could study this style-starved train wreck.  I know that sounds harsh, but hear me out.  I’m not being snarky for no good reason.  Now if someone like her is going around town with a Silverado hanging from her arm, isn’t the It status of the bag officially and completely over?  I’ve never been a fan of the Silverado, but last year you couldn’t open a magazine without seeing a picture of a celebrity carrying it or get through all the fake listings on eBay.

Fashion seems more disposable than ever and when an undesirable is seen wearing, using or sometimes even standing near an It item, the luster fades… fast.  I read an article in the Daily Telegraph covering this very subject (you have to love British footballers’ wives).  Then I experienced it firsthand.  If one of the sales people had begged me to take a Silverado for free I would have said, “Hell no!”  Okay, I would have said, “No thanks” but I would have refused!

So that takes me back to my dilemma of wanting to invest in a new bag at some point soon.  I love the Stam but I wonder if it’s going to be played out.  Obviously if you love something and it works for you, trends don’t matter.  But I wonder how much of my desire is fuel by something being called It.  I guess I’ll keep my plain but trusty Mulberry Bayswater in circulation a little longer until I figure It out.

Marc Jacobs Capra
Stam Bag
Marc Jacobs Capra
Marc Jacobs Stam

Sweet Tights of Youth
August 11 | Searching For…

I’m not one to get too nostalgic about my youth but with leggings and patterned tights taking over for fall, a girl can’t help herself.  Back when hair was spiral permed and the cutest guy in school wore Polo cologne, leggings and tights were a staple in my wardrobe.  My fashion idol was Siouxsie Sioux and my first concert was New Order.  But like a typical teenager, I went through trends like Lindsay Lohan goes through boyfriends and after a short while, I moved on to other looks.  I won’t get into details about my stirrups and oversized blazers phase or my love of Contempo Casuals. 

So when I saw these online, boy, did it take me back.

Striped Tights
Free People Stripey Tights

I still have the black and white striped tights I wore when I was 14.  They’re too beat up to wear now, but I can’t bring myself to throw them out.  I would wear my tights with black wool shorts, much longer and roomier than the ones above.  Chunky black oxfords and my dad’s maroon cardigan sweater completed the look.

This year I’m going to mix things up with new tights.  I’ll leave striped tights and leggings to girls who are experiencing the trend for the first time around.  I’m thinking legwear like the ones on Anna Sui’s fall runway is perfect for me.

Anna Sui Tights Anna Sui Cream Tights
Girly gams by Anna Sui .

The looks are fun and funky but not too over the top.  Have I grown up?  Definitely.  But hopefully not too much.


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