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January 01, 2010

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The Shine Never Wears Off
September 20 | Shoes, Glorious Shoes

When I was 13 I had a pair of black patent leather flats that totally rocked.  They were probably a little prim for a girl just hitting her teenage years and desperately wanting to look cool.  But I really loved those shoes.  Since then I’ve loved the look of patent, whether it’s a little saucy or sweet, and I’m glad patent shoes are getting their due this fall.

Sigerson Morrison Shoes
Sigerson Morrison - these remind me of my favorite shoes
Franco Sarto Reverse Pumps
Franco Sarto Reserve Pump – costs around $80 and looks like it was “inspired by” Marc Jacobs
Prada Tortoise Platform
Prada Tortoise patent platform sandals – I can’t get enough of Prada’s fall shoes
Brian Atwood
Brian Atwood Cecile ankle strap pumps are sooo sexy!

All In One: The Wedge Pump
August 14 | Shoes, Glorious Shoes

Is it a wedge?  Is it a pump?  Lucky us, girls.  They’re two in one! 

I am seeing the wedge pump hybrid everywhere.  I have to say, I’m not completely sold on this look yet.  It’s not very sexy, but I bet you could run a mean 10k in them.  But if you’re sold on wedge pumps you can probably find them at a price to fit your budget, which is always a good thing for the practical fashionista.

Chloe Platform Shoes
Clunky but funky Chloe platforms that probably helped start the craze
Christian louboutin Shoes
Lady-like classic by Christian Louboutin
Tara Subkoff Shoes
Sassy maryjane style from Easy Spirit by Tara Subkoff
Marc Jacobs Pumps
Marc by Marc Jacobs wedge pumps come in patent
Madden Suzanna Pumps
Steve Madden Suzanna wedge pump sports pretty details and costs under $100
Yellowbox Urba Pumps
Get the retro suede look with the Urba by Yellow Box for under $60

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